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Serving the Coal Industry Since 1982

Security America Corporate HQ

4700 MacCorkle Ave.

Suite 500

Charleston, WV 25304
(304) 925-4747

Regional Offices

Columbus, OH
(888) 832-6732

Pittsburgh, PA
(724) 299-3153

Maintaining safety, security and productivity at your mine site is your number one priority. And when you hire Security America, it becomes our top priority also. Since 1982, we’ve provided a wide range of services and products to the coalfields. We are well versed in and up to date with MSHA, OSHA and EPA requirements and can adapt quickly to changes in the industry and the regulatory environment.

Pittsburgh, investigation, consulting, patrol, security, guard, 15219, 15212, 15214, 15206

Our professional security guards have encountered and solved every type of threat or risk to mine sites including: metal theft, pilferage, vandalism, labor disputes and perimeter security.

Our thorough understanding of the challenges faced by coal mining operations allows you to do what you do best: focus on the mining of coal. Leave the rest to Security America, including:

  • Professional Security Officers

  • Uniformed Patrol

  • Physical Security Surveys

  • Workers’ Compensation Claims Investigations

  • Online background screening

  • Labor / Community Relations

  • Regulatory Compliance Audits

  • Specialized Education and Training

  • Undercover Investigation and Surveillance

  • Electronic Security Access Control

  • Closed Circuit TV

  • Loss Prevention Analyses

Additionally, Security America provides Black Hat Certified Emergency Response Mine Trackers who are qualified to monitor any type of system you’re currently running.

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