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Why Choose Us?

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  • Quality Management – We continuously strive for excellence through our “Total Quality Management” program.  This program includes “win-win” employee, customer, and vendor relationships


  • Individualized Attention – Your organization and facility are unique.  Therefore, your security and loss prevention program are tailored to specifically meet your needs, whether it's an urban environment in Pittsburgh or a rural environment in Kentucky, we have you covered.


  • Responsive Management – Your concerns are of the utmost interest to Security America.  Our procedures are “pro-active”.  This includes regular client contacts, site quality assurance visits of officers, and periodic visits recommended; ensuring a professional security program.


  • Security Expertise – We have the knowledge and know-how to assist your current security manager, or to provide guidance and professional advice to your management’s designated security representative.


  • Performance Agreement – We will set forth in our agreement, and written security procedures for your location, the guidelines and standards for our performance.  These will assure you of the proper professional security coverage, and provide a clear understanding of our obligations and responsibilities to you.


  • Fewer Administrative Burdens – All administrative costs, burdens, and problems are assumed by Security America.  Therefore, additional workloads are not placed on your administrative personnel and payroll departments.


  • Lower Costs – Since security is our sole concern, our hourly rates are a total cost to you.  Included in your investment are training programs, uniforms, and supervision.


  • Illness and Other Absentee Coverage – When a guard is absent from duty, your security program will not suffer.  Security America maintains a properly trained staff of “relief & utility” officers for vacation, sick leave, and other absences.  

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