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High Rise & Office Building Security

Security America Corporate HQ

4700 MacCorkle Ave.

Suite 500

Charleston, WV 25304
(304) 925-4747

Regional Offices

Columbus, OH
(888) 832-6732

Pittsburgh, PA
(724) 299-3153

It doesn’t matter how many floors, doors or offices are in your building. If you experience any pedestrian or automotive traffic on a daily basis, you’re at risk for a multitude of security problems that Security America can help prevent. Stairwells, elevators, reception, parking areas, restrooms: we’ve developed specialized security plans and services for every type of high-rise, office complex or business park. We’ll customize your plan to meet your unique needs, layout and budget.

Pittsburgh, investigation, consulting, patrol, security, guard, 15219, 15212, 15214, 15206

Security America is experienced in the unique problems that high rise and office buildings face. We’ll assist you with fire prevention, security guards and safety plans to help protect personnel and assets along with reducing risk and deterring crime. Our highly trained and thoroughly screened security officers are available for uniformed patrol or special investigations.

Other Security America services include:

  • Office Security System Design

  • Equipment Protection

  • Management of Interior / Visitor Pedestrian Control

  • Key Control

  • Internal Theft Control

  • Prevention of Industrial Espionage

  • Emergency Notification

  • After-Hours Control: Visitors / Janitorial Staff

  • Bomb Threat Preparedness

  • Mail Room Management

  • Regulatory Compliance Audits

  • Evacuation Planning

  • Physical Security Surveys

  • Fire Protection Surveys and Inspections

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