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Essential Security for Financial Institutions

Your greatest asset is your customer base. One lapse in security and you may lose business forever, along with losing actual monetary assets. Ensuring a secure environment for financial institutions has been one of Security America’s specialties since 1982.  We’re experienced in providing security that will reduce risk, deter theft, provide fire protection and protect assets, personnel & customers around the clock. Additionally, we will assist you with meeting security requirements and regulations set forth by the Bank Protection Act, FDIC or the Office of Foreign Asset Control. We will help you design and implement user-awareness and education programs specific to financial institution security policies and procedures, even down to the details of access control.

Security America assists:

  • Commercial Banks

  • Savings & Loan Institutions

  • Credit Unions

  • Stock Brokerage and Asset Management Firms

  • Insurance and Financial Companies

In addition to our highly trained force of security guards, we offer:

  • Robbery Prevention Planning

  • Security Design Planning for New Construction

  • Bomb Threat Preparedness

  • Internal Theft Control

  • Workplace Violence Prevention

  • Protection of Intellectual Property

  • Emergency and Evacuation Planning

  • Physical Security Surveys

  • Fire Protection Surveys and Inspections

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