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Safeguard Your Site, Your People and Your Profitability

Security America Corporate HQ

4700 MacCorkle Ave.

Suite 500

Charleston, WV 25304
(304) 925-4747

Regional Offices

Columbus, OH
(888) 832-6732

Pittsburgh, PA
(724) 299-3153

Productivity is vital to the energy industry. Safeguarding that productivity calls for top-notch specialized security services and personnel. Security America supplies both with a commitment to integrity, professionalism and quality. Ultimately, our goal is the same as yours: to enhance production while providing a safe, secure environment.

Protect Your Investment

While you focus on running your operation, Security America will keep a close watch on your site, employees and equipment. We know what to expect and how to deter incidents. From perimeter and internal security to safety issues, theft, pilferage and vandalism, Security America is on the alert 24/7. We also can advise you on preparedness strategies relating to labor disputes or community opposition.

Security Officers

Dependable, thoroughly screened and well trained, our officers must pass rigorous background checks. In addition to access control and overall site protection, many are cross-trained in emergency response, EMT services, switchboard operation, inventory control and more.

Security America will provide:

  • Professional Security Guards & Officers

  • Security Assessments, Audits & Surveys

  • Electronic Security Systems

  • Labor/Community Relations

  • Internal Investigations

  • Background Credential Checks

  • Substance Abuse Screening

  • Emergency Medical Technicians

Additionally, Security America will provide advice and recommendations in a consulting capacity to prepare you for all contingencies.  Learn more about consulting and compliance.

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