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Protect Your Assets

Your warehouse is highly susceptible to theft. The areas dedicated to receiving, staging and shipping are often located near or adjacent to back & front doors, employee parking or lounges. Even the dumpster or shrubbery around your facility is a good hiding place for stolen inventory.

But pilferage isn’t the only threat to your warehouse or distribution center. What’s your plan for fire, labor disputes or emergency evacuation? Burst pipes or water damage? Security America’s experienced professionals and highly trained security guards know what it takes to make your facility secure, prevent theft, protect your people and their livelihood. We’ll help you devise a customized plan to deter and prevent criminal or potentially volatile activity. Our security officers are highly trained and experienced in perimeter security and special investigations.

Other services include:

  • Loss Prevention Analysis

  • Physical Security Surveys

  • Worker’s Comp Claims Investigation

  • Electronic Security

  • Regulatory Compliance Audits

  • Undercover Investigation / Surveillance

  • Internal Theft Control

  • Emergency and Evacuation Planning

Carefully chosen for their skill and discretion, Security America officers provide your business with a complete roster of security services.

Protect your property and your assets. Put Security America on the job.

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