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Environment of Care Security

The traffic in and out of a hospital or medical center never stops. Even private practices or clinics are susceptible to risks and threats. But there’s a delicate balance to be maintained in providing security for patients, visitors, staff and assets while keeping an open, welcoming environment. Security America knows how to do both expertly. We’ve been providing security for health care facilities since 1982.

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Security Officers

Discreet, capable and thoroughly screened and trained, Security America guards  provide perimeter security, loss prevention, access fire-control and more. Let our specially trained supervisors and officers watch over:

  • Emergency Rooms

  • Pharmacy and Infant Care Areas

  • Admissions / Patient Information / Medical Records

  • Behavioral Health Units

  • Biohazard Waste / Storage / Disposal

  • Visitor Access / Egress / Waiting Rooms

  • Stairwells / Hallways / Parking Areas

We also specialize in:

  • Loss Prevention Surveys & Security

  • HIPAA Compliance Standards

  • TJC* Environment of Care Requirements

  • Training of Proprietary Security Force

  • Undercover Investigations and Surveillance

  • Special Training in Sensitive Procedures:

    • Critical Passive Intervention (CPI)

    • Blood-borne pathogen hazards/protection

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