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Physical vs Monitored Security

As technology progresses, so does the way industries handle their need for security. With remote video monitoring becoming a fast-growing way to keep an eye on your site, is this a reliable option for you?

What is remote monitoring security (RMS)?

RMS is the monitoring of a security system through remote viewing of cameras by a third-party team. So, your location’s security cameras are monitored by a team that works off premises.

Pros and Cons of Remote Monitoring Security



  • Security cameras and motion sensors provide 24/7 surveillance.

  • Security cameras record evidence of crimes so that perpetrators can be identified.

  • Remote security will be able to alert emergency services if an incident occurs.

  • Security cameras can be a more affordable option for large properties because they can survey large areas

  • There is an upfront installation cost for setting up a surveillance system, even though long-term maintenance can be more affordable.

  • The camera footage may lapse, and concierge security can miss real criminal activity if they aren’t paying attention when monitoring the security cameras.

  • Remote security won’t have the real-time immediate response of an on-site physical security guard for your property.

What is Physical Security?

Physical Security is the protection of people, property, and physical assets from actions and events that could cause damage or loss. This would be your security officers and guards.

Pros and Cons of Physical Security



  • Security guards can serve as a visual deterrent to potential thieves or burglars.

  • Security guards are trained to deal with threatening situations.

  • Quick response will take place to either report or deter a crime happening on-site.

  • Security guards are also trained in first aid, which allows them to react quickly to injuries as well.

  • Their presence can help prevent potential issues including flooding, weather damage, gas leaks, fires, and natural disasters.

  • Physical security guards can be expensive if you require a team of security guards to maintain your security needs.

  • ·Large sites will need to have a team of security guards instead of an individual security guard to respond quickly to threats.

  • Finding the right security company that can handle your complex and unique needs.

Finding the right security program for you can be a daunting task, but with the help of professionals, like those at Security America, guidance is available. Call today and set up a time to speak with one of our friendly development representatives about your security needs. We provide FREE security proposals, walk through of your site, and professional recommendations for your specific needs and budget!


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