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Why Should You Hire a Family Business?

There are several advantages of wanting a family business to do work for you including:

1.      Personal Customer Relationships: The personal touch of a family business leads to more increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Security America has continued to service many long term clients over our 40 plus year history.

2.      Shared Values and Culture: Family Businesses often have a positive working environment that blends well with your company’s values. Security America appreciates all of our clients, vendors, and security officers.

3.      Decision Making and Flexibility: Family Businesses tend to have easier access to a decision maker to make sure things are handled in a timely manner. Change can be adopted to meet your needs. Security America has trusted managers to make decisions, and ownership is readily available.

4.      Community Engagement: Family Businesses are deeply involved in their communities and making them a better place to live. Security America has donated to many local charities over the years, attending many community events, and sponsored a little league baseball team for over 30 years now.

5.      Succession Planning: Family Businesses prepare the next generation to be ready to take over ensuring a smooth transition in leadership. Bill Signorelli, our Founder, led Security America in his role as President for over 35 years and continues to help the company by mentoring leadership as the Chairman of the Board. Chris Signorelli, Current President, started from the ground up learning the business as a security officer and as administrative help in the office before he eventually managed each department.


Those are just some of the many advantages of working with a family business. Security America has possessed these qualities since 1982 to ensure long term sustainability. If you are looking for a quality family business to meet you security needs, give Security America a call for services in West Virginia and the Greater Pittsburgh area.

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Lewis Carroll
Lewis Carroll
May 13

Choosing a family business for your security needs brings a personalized touch to the Mobile Locksmith service. They understand the importance of protecting your loved ones and belongings because they prioritize their own family's safety too.

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