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How to Deter Vandalism

It’s Spring—that means more people out and about later in the evening—and an increased potential for vandalism. Here are some areas that are commonly targeted by vandals:

  • vending machines, walls, building exteriors, fences, storage units or other structures that are accessible from public areas

  • unsecured elevators, stairways and restrooms

  • lawns, campuses or other common areas, such as employee parking or smoking areas.

Security America officers are thoroughly trained in patrolling techniques and know what to watch for and how to deter incidents. Guarding against vandalism is one of their primary duties. But there are some things you can do to try to reduce property destruction:

  • install motion-sensor floodlights

  • limit access to your property with fencing, gates, locks, etc.

  • mount surveillance cameras well out of reach of perpetrators

  • tell your neighbors—residential and commercial—if you’re hit by vandals and report each incident to the police.

Stay alert, be prepared and do what you can to thwart vandalism. If you need help putting together a security plan or want to know more about our security officers, contact us.

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