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Why Security America is a Game Changer for Your Business

Security America, Inc., is the largest security officer company based in West Virginia. For over 35 years, we have provided a variety of loss prevention services to our clients in the areas of security, safety, and all around protection. Licensed in the states of West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Pennsylvania, with over 300 employees, we emphasize quality people, quality services, and most importantly a quality product. Our officers are trained professionals who have devoted their careers to the fields of security and safety encompassing a wide range of protective tactics.

To better inform our clients of the services we offer, we will be discussing a few different topics that make us one of the leading security companies to work with. First, we will discuss the integration of electronic technologies into the field of security & safety. Second, the prevention of fires and accidents in the workplace. Third, our joint venture with U.S. Department of Homeland Security in the “See Something, Say Something” initiative. Last, we will discuss the topic of Terrorism and how incidents like these can be prevented. To begin, let us explain how Security America’s officers will use electronic technologies to increase the security and safety of our client’s businesses.

Over the past several years, the career fields of security & safety have experienced the integration of electronic technologies in a number of ways. There are three widely used technologies that have been adapted for large-scale commercial and governmental use: metal detectors, IRIS recognition, and full body scanners. By incorporating these electronic devices into safety procedures Security America’s officers are able to provide more thorough examinations during search procedures ultimately creating a safer and more secure work environment for our clients. Next, we will discuss how our officers have been trained to prevent fires and accidents in our client’s place of business.

The prevention of fires and accidents for our clients is one of the primary focuses of our security force. By reducing the risk of fires and accidents, we reduce the need for extremely high insurance rates, medical care, lawsuits, and damage to property for our customers. Such savings justify the contracting of Security America’s services to our clients. This is an integral part of our officer’s training. The best type of fire or accident is one that does not occur in the first place. Our officers are trained to notice severe conditions that may cause injury or fire and prevent situations like these from every happening. For the following portion, we will be conversing on how Security America Inc. has teamed up with U.S. Department of Homeland Security joining the “See Something, Say Something” initiative.

“See Something, Say Something” is a national campaign that raises public awareness towards terrorism and terrorist-related crime, as well as the importance of reporting suspicious activity to state and local law enforcement. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is committed to strengthening hometown security by creating partnerships. Recently, Security America has taken steps to join as a partner with U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s “See Something, Say Something” initiative. Suspicious activity is any observed activity that could indicate terrorism or a terrorist-related crime. Here at Security America our security officers are highly trained to recognize and prevent any behavior that would be considered an act of terrorism. By implementing these observations and tactics our officers can avert terrorist attacks before they ever begin. For the final section, we will discuss Terrorism and the training our officers have received in order to stop these terrible acts of violence.

In the past several years, terrorism has become a common theme of the everyday news broadcast. A simple definition of terrorism is, “an act or threatened act of violence against innocent people for political purposes.” We all have the picture in our heads of the World Trade Center collapsing, or a sniper striking fear into the hearts of millions by killing innocent people in the Washington D.C. area, or a suicide bomber rushing into a Middle Eastern American Embassy. Although these acts all vary on their locations and methods the desired results are similar: death, mayhem, and mass fear. Here at Security America we have partnered with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to help recognize and prevent such acts of terrorism from ever happening. As security professionals, our officers rely on training, good common sense, a healthy dose of skepticism, and a willingness to check for the truth in what we see and hear. We promise our officers will always perform their duties cooperatively and with due diligence in order to make our client’s workplace a safer and more secure environment.

In conclusion, Security America is dedicated to our client’s needs and the safety of their business is our top priority. We strive to be the absolute best at the services we provide to our clients in a variety of ways. Our officers create a safer work environment by incorporating the use of electronic devices into our searching and scanning procedures. Our security workforce is highly trained to recognize hazardous conditions that may produce injuries or fires. By partnering with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security our trained professionals are qualified to notice any actions that would be considered suspicious activity or possible acts of terrorism. Overall, our security officers promise to implement all of the tactics we have discussed if you choose to use our services here at Security America Inc.

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