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Evaluate your Security with a Proposal from Security America

The Security America, Inc. Advantage

Security America, Inc. was founded in 1982 in Charleston, WV. The Security America, Inc. team takes great pride in Customer Service and being proactive when our clients need us most. These are a few things that we at Security America, Inc. believe are lacking in the industry today. With Security America, Inc. our clients are not just a number, we are all a team that works together for the common goal of ensuring your site is as secure and safe as possible. Security America, Inc. ensures we are hiring the best officers in the area by having a strenuous application process which includes a background check, a personality assessment, two interviews conducted by two different staff members in the Corporate Office, and a Basic Security Officer Training course conducted by a certified trainer. Security America, Inc. typically pays a higher wage than others in the market, so the officers know they are value which helps having a high retention rate.

How do I get a Proposal from Security America, Inc.?

Security America, Inc. offers potential clients a free proposal for security services to see what we have to offer. Typically, in the security industry contracts are renewed at the beginning of the year making October and November the best time to get proposals to compare the value of the security service as well as the pricing. If you would like to get a proposal from Security America, Inc. and potentially become a part of our team, call our toll-free number 888-832-6732 ex. 201 or email Our areas of service include West Virginia Pennsylvania (Greater Pittsburgh), Ohio, and eastern Kentucky. Security America, Inc. looks forward to hearing from you and would be honored to protect your site.


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