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Educational Institution Security

Educational sites such as schools, libraries, universities, museums etc. are all places that everyone should feel safe however, there are quite a few vulnerabilities at these institutions. Most of these institutions do not have security officers, they rely on their staff to be vigilant while students are walking about, listening to students who may talk about bullying others, or hear of someone planning some violent act. Most educational institutions have a Resource Officer, meaning one person to be the eyes and ears of the institution, they need more help. Having security officers at your educational institution will contribute to a safer learning environment.

Security America, Inc., a regional security company, with offices in Charleston, WV, Pittsburgh, PA and Columbus, OH, has experience in the educational institution setting. Our officers are trained to be vigilant, listen to those around them as well as de-escalate a threatening situation. Our officers do access control for students as well as any visitor that comes to the institution, they ensure the premises is locked when students are in the institution to prevent any unauthorized person from gaining entry, and they are essential in emergency action procedures. Security America, Inc. will help you develop a security plan for your educational institution as well develop a plan for our officers to give them guidelines on their daily, weekly, and monthly duties. Security America, Inc. is dedicated to protecting the students who are the future of this country.

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