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Using Security Officers to Assist with Business Re-Opening Guidelines

Keeping Your Business Safe with Security America, Inc.

Everyone at Security America, Inc. hopes you all are staying healthy and safe during this global pandemic. There are a lot of businesses that are going to be opening back up in our region these businesses will have strict guidelines they must adhere to in order to stay open. There will also be other challenges for these businesses such as theft due to the decreased number of employees. Security America, Inc. will be able to help these businesses by providing Security Officers/Guards to deter theft as well as help with access control. Security Officers are able to help with taking temperatures before giving access to customers/employees, helping count customers as they enter/exit to ensure the business is meeting or exceeding the protocols put in place for their specific business and patrolling the business to ensure customers are adhering to the social distancing guidelines as well as be a deterrent to theft. Other duties Security Officers are performing during the pandemic are assisting with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) according to CDC guidelines and using De-Escalation tactics during high stress situations.

A study was done in 2009 by the Police Executive Research Forum of the 2007-2008 financial crisis which was a slow but steady decline. In this report it was found that 44 percent of respondents said they saw an increase in crime [1]. The difference to the situation we are in now with COVID-19 is we have an immediate decline in our economy, and some economists fear we have not seen the worst of this yet. There may be more layoffs which presents the opportunity for more theft from “customers” as well as internal theft.

Below are some guidelines for businesses to improve their security:

  • Managers should identify those employees who should have access to the business as well as the times they are authorized.

  • Limit access to the buildings by having a one-way entrance and exit. These areas would be a great place to have a Security Officer to ensure the policies are strictly enforced.

  • Package deliveries and pick up should be strategically placed at one location to ensure packages are not tampered with and items are not stolen.

  • Some business may want to have everyone who enters the business be identified by providing a state/federal form of identification. This task should also be done by a Security Officer as they are specially trained to ensure the form of identification is valid, and they are also trained to record the information needed on an Access Control Register.

  • Businesses should have Security Officers patrol the outside of the business to check for vagrancy (needles, clothing, bedding, food, etc.)


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