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Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter

Security America, Inc., a regional security company, has a team of professionals that conduct various types of training such as Active Shooter Training. Below we will discuss why every place of work, whether big or small should have Active Shooter Training. We will also show some active shooter statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Why should my workplace have Active Shooter Training?

Security America, Inc. will do a tabletop discussion with those who are in a managerial position as well as any other pertinent employee. During this we will go over your Emergency Action Plan, Contact Information for those who are in charge, Emergency Notification System and what the actual Active Shooter Training will look like. This discussion is very important as we can help identify any discrepancies as well as put a plan of action together to help your workplace be a safer place by being ready for an active shooter situation. These new plans will be implemented during the Active Shooter Training. If there were any troubles with the new plans during the training, we would re-visit those with you and fine tune them. Security America, Inc. notifies the local police and emergency personnel as well as encourages their involvement during the training. This type of training not only helps everyone at the workplace, but it also helps the local police and emergency personnel become familiar with the workplace in the event of an actual active shooter situation.

What are the chances of being in an Active Shooter Situation?

The chances of being in an active shooter situation varies based on the environment you are in. Below are some statistics which the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) provided on its webpage.

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