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40 Years of Expertise

Lots of notable events happened in 1982; the first CD player was put on the market, Michael Jackson released the album “Thriller”, and the first ever implantation of a permanent artificial heart. But another noteworthy event happened…Security America, Inc. began its operations.

Security America was founded by current Chairman of the Board, Bill Signorelli and has since been West Virginia’s leading loss prevention specialist company. We are now licensed in eight different states with offices in Charleston, Columbus, and Pittsburgh. Security America remains dedicated to the people that trust us to protect them and their assets.

The current President, Chris Signorelli, is continuing his father’s legacy after growing up with the company. His dedication to the success of our customers, vendors and employees is amplified by utilizing our proactive “win-win” strategy.

We take pride in our traditions such as, the annual Founder’s Day Picnic, Yearly Employee Awards Banquet, and our “Caught a Pro” program. The company celebrated its fortieth year of providing the “Best Protection for the Best Value” in June of 2022.

Security America has remained up to date with the latest security trends allowing us to create tailored security programs to fit your specific needs. As we continue to grow and make our mark on the security industry, we stay committed to those same values that formed the foundation of our company.

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