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Access Control: Security’s Best Friend or Worst Enemy

Access Control: Security’s Best Friend or Worst Enemy

Most security incidents occur because of failure to control access. Access Control in physical security is defined as the selective restriction of access to a place. The act of accessing means consuming, entering, or using.

This blog is about access control to doors in a building. Security America’s Consultants have performed many Physical Security Surveys over our 40 year history and exterior door props has been a common problem at various locations. People trading convenience over security.

Propping open locked doors has been a problem in office buildings, schools, retail locations, churches, etc. Trespassers can easily sneak in propped doors unnoticed to staff. Incidents have occurred with propped doors such as robberies, domestics, theft, fire spread, and even shootings.

Ways to Prevent Propped Doors in Your Building:

1. Add a Door Alarm

2. Add a Modern Electronic Access Control System that notifies management and/or security if door is propped up

3. Provide Security Training to Your Staff on why to not leave Doors Propped Open

4. Put a Sign on the Door that Say “Keep Door Closed”

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Devin Stiles
Devin Stiles
May 11

With the access control system installed by Emergency Locksmith Durham NC company, I feel much more secure knowing that my property is well-protected.

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