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Benefits of Contract Security

Hiring for security is a huge responsibility. Between recruiting for the position, scheduling interviews, background checks, drug tests, proper training, and uniforms, it can be a headache to say the least. Contract security can relieve the stress of finding, training, and dressing qualified security professionals.

Security America has 40 years of experience providing the “Best Protection for the

Best Value”. We know exactly what to look for when hiring for your security needs. We have an extensive two-part interview process conducted by professionals with years of experience in security. All candidates undergo a criminal background check as well as a drug screening. Potential new hires also take an in depth personality test to help determine level of honesty and other personality traits relevant to the position. We take great pride in making sure all of our security offices are top quality individuals.

When it comes to training the individual in charge of you or your assets safety, you want someone with experience! We ensure each of our officers are trained and prepared before they leave our office. With a hands on, eight hour, class our trainers walk through the course with each officer. Officers are encouraged to engage and ask any questions they may have. We make sure all officers feel confident to take the next step, on site training. Once on site our officers also take part in site training with a qualified site supervisor, learning all the ins and outs of your site individually.

One of the biggest money savers when using contract security are the uniforms. We provide the uniforms for all security officers. Officers adhere to a strict dress code to provide a professional image at your site. With several options of uniforms we have something to fit every location. And with our signature logo, everyone will know you have the “Best protection for the Best Value”!

So leave the security to Security America so you can focus on your core business!


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