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Holiday Shopping Safety Tips

The holidays are fast approaching and there is plenty of shopping to be done. Santa and his elves can’t do it all themselves so the stores, shops, and even online will be bustling with eager shoppers looking for the perfect gift. Whether you are out and about in store or snuggled in scrolling through all this year’s biggest trends, here are some safety tips to keeps you safe this holiday season.

When Online:

Use updated software- whether on your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer be sure to update your software to help prevent hacked devices.

Use secure websites- websites that begin with https and often have a lock icon are more secured sites.

Read reviews- when buying from a non-secured site, be sure to check for reviews and ratings and use good judgement.

Strong passwords- use passwords that are uncommon and a good mix of letters, number, and special characters.

Special delivery- if possible, have packages delivered at a designated time when you or a trusted person are available. Alternatively, have packages delivered to the nearest post office for pick up.

When In-Person:

Park in well-lit areas- try to find parking with plenty of light, especially since this time of year the sun goes down a lot sooner in the evenings. Also, look for spots closer to the entrance and in visible locations.

Always lock your vehicle- it may sound obvious, but a locked vehicle is more work for a thief and a higher chance they will get caught, so it’s always a good deterrent.

Cut down visibility in car- make sure to tuck away valuables from being seen. Cover packages, bags, electronics, and any valuables you must leave in the car. Out of sight, out of mind.

Cards vs Cash- while shopping its best to limit the amount of cash you carry. Cards can easily be deactivated and are often less targeted because of that. Cash on the other hand is a quick and untraceable treasure for thieves.

Ask for security- security officers are often the first line of defense in a retail surrounding. Don’t be afraid to ask them to walk you to your vehicle if you are feeling worried or uncomfortable. And if we’re you’re shopping doesn’t have security, tell them to call Security America!


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