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Keeping Your Property Safe from Vagrant Loitering

Keeping Your Property Safe from Vagrant Loitering

Homelessness continues to increase each year in the U.S. It is a complex social problem with no easy solution. While not a crime, property owners still need to protect their property and their image of their business. Proactive steps should be taken to protect your property from the numerous calls to law enforcement of crimes committed like vandalism, trespassing, and theft.

Here are some tips to Protect Your Property from Vagrant Loitering:

1. Enhance Your Lighting around the Property including Motion Activated

2. Lock all Areas and Fence In Areas (at least 8 feet high) if possible

3. Eliminate Potential Places to Sleep like Benches or Covered Up Areas which are easy to hide

4. Talk to City Officials including Law Enforcement to Report Issues

5. Avoid Confrontations and Maintain a Safe Distance when Dealing with Vagrants

6. Do Not Offer Food or Money but Refer to a Local Shelter, Charity, and/or Mental Health Professional with Resources to Help

7. Post No Trespassing Signs and Other Rules for Private Property

8. Install Video Cameras with Remote Monitoring by Security Professionals or Video Analytics to Alert You if budget allows

9. BE NICE!!! These are humans too and could have mental health or substance abuse problems.

Security America is here to help you if you need Security Officers to protect your property and assets. We also have expert security consultants that can provide De-Escalation Training to Your Workforce.


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