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Shoe Discount Program



DATE: March 27, 2022

TO: All Security America Employees

FROM: Chris Signorelli, President

RE: Skechers Shoe Program

To All Security America Employees,

Security America has signed up for a Shoe Discount Program with Skechers as a benefit to all of our employees.

Skechers is offering Security America employees 30% off if you purchase shoes or boots online or at one of their retail locations. This discount is offered once a quarter per employee. A flyer is attached with more information on how to sign up to receive this great benefit.

Skechers is offering us to purchase more shoes and boots than what is allowed to be worn at worn but can still be purchased to wear on your personal time. Make sure to follow our uniform policy to only wearing black dress shoes or boots at work. Appearance is big part of working as a security officer. Ask your supervisor any questions.

Please check out this great offer. Thanks for working with Security America!


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