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Temporary Referral Bonus Increase $$



DATE: May 12, 2021

TO: Security America Field Employees

FROM: Chris Signorelli, President

RE: Temporary Referral Bonus Increase $$

To Security America’s Field Employees,

Security America is increasing the Referral Bonus temporarily to deal with this challenging labor market to find new hires.

Starting today and until the end of June, Security America will be offering a $300 Referral Bonus for current field employees for full time new hires referred. The full-time new hire referred must stay employed full time for 90 days with us. Part time referral will still receive a $100 bonus after their 90 days of employment.

Please refer applicants straight to our website at on the Employment page or can apply through hiring sites we use like Indeed. Tell the applicant to list your name on their application as a referral if they remember and fill out a Hiring Incentive card.

Thanks for the help in finding qualified employees and for what you do for Security America.

Contact us at 304-925-4747 or 888-832-8732 with any questions or referrals.


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