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Tribute Message to Bruce Gerrity

Tribute Message to Bruce Gerrity from Chairman Bill Signorelli

Col. Bruce Gerrity, USAF(Retired), CPP- 1946-2023

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of longtime consultant, Bruce Gerrity. He had a wonderful career and life. Colonel Gerrity served his country in the Air Force for 26 years which included over 100 flight missions in Vietnam, Panama, and Desert Storm. He flew Air Force One for both President Carter and President Reagan. Col. Gerrity also worked for the Office of the Secretary of Defense as the Director where he was responsible for major anti- and counter-terrorism program initiatives in 77 countries.

I first befriended Bruce on a cruise and brought his security expertise to Security America as a consultant. Bruce and I worked on many consulting projects assisting our clients. Bruce’s knowledge and brilliance brought value to every project he worked on. Our heart and prayers go out to Bruce’s family and loved ones from all of us in the Security America family. He was a true professional to the security industry and a patriot to our country.


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