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Security Tips to Protecting Your Business During the Pandemic

A number of businesses are closed or have the majority of their employees working remotely leaving companies vulnerable during the pandemic. Below are some Security Tips from Security America on ways to protect your business from crimes.

  1. Use a Security Officer to be stationed at your business or to Perform Routine Security Checks during a Vehicle Patrol

  2. Install Motion Censored Cameras that can be Remote Monitored by a security company or Checked Routinely by an Employee Using their Phone or Computer

  3. Install Motion Censored Lighting or any additional Lighting

  4. Make sure your Doors are locked at all times and your security alarm is on if you have one. Deadbolt Lock Preferred

  5. Install Barriers like Fencing which makes it harder for Criminals to Enter your Property

  6. Be Vigilant of your Surroundings and Report any Suspicious Activity to Law Enforcement. If you See Something, Say Something.

No matter what your budget is, make sure to not neglect the Physical Security of your Business. We are all in this together. Make sure to look out for your neighbors as well.

“Best Protection for The Best Value”

Pittsburgh, PA- Charleston, WV- Columbus, OH

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